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Does eBay Have 1.7 Million Counterfeit Products for Sale?

According to The Counterfeit Report, which tracks the sale of counterfeit or fake items on major e-commerce websites, eBay Inc.'s (NASDAQ: EBAY) sites have a huge number of these on sale ...
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10 Cities Where People Spend the Most for Schools

One consideration many buyers place at the top of their lists when shopping for a new home is the quality of the local public school system. Homes in these districts ...
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hot sun

It’s 115 Degrees in Kuwait

As of 3:00 p.m. local time Saturday, the temperature in Kuwait City was 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Less than a month ago, the temperature in the Kuwaiti city of Mitribah hit ...
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Data Breaches Top 600 So Far in 2016

Outdoor apparel and gear retailer Eddie Bauer said Thursday that its point-of-sale systems at the company's retail stores were compromised in a malware attack that enabled "unauthorized parties" to gain ...
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check writing

How Checking Account Fees Can Cost You $800 a Year

There's an old saying that the best time to apply for a loan is when you don't need one. A corollary, perhaps, is that the best time to get a ...
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Marijuana Prices Spike 8.1% to $1,742 per Pound

Arizona may vote to legalize recreational marijuana. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said it would still be a federal criminal offense. Whether these pieces of news had an effect, marijuana ...
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10 Least Expensive Cities to Buy Legal Marijuana

Pot use is growing. A new Gallup Poll shows that one in eight Americans say they “currently smoke marijuana.” The research company claims that amount has nearly doubled in three ...
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10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy Legal Marijuana

Pot use is growing. A new Gallup Poll shows that one in eight Americans say they "currently smoke marijuana." The research company claims that amount has nearly doubled in three years ...
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10 States With Highest and Lowest Home Closing Costs

As home prices in some states return to bubble levels, and mortgage rates reach multiyear lows, the rush to buy homes in some regions has accelerated. One of the things ...
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Online lending

LendingClub Earnings Hammered by Costs Related to Executive Shuffle

Since early May, peer-to-peer loan maker LendingClub Corp. (NYSE: LC) has lost more than 30% of its value. The tumble began with the replacement of former CEO Renaud Laplanche that ...
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Sold Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House

Real-Estate How-To: Take a Better Offer on Your House Than One You’ve Already Accepted

One of the things homeowners often wish for when selling their house is that they will be swamped with competing offers, all of which are above the asking price. That ...
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Should You Consider a 7- and 8-Year Auto Loan?

Next to a house, a new car is probably the most expensive item an average American will purchase in a lifetime. For some, it may be the most expensive item. ...
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Data Breaches Continue to Plague Democrats

More hacking attacks against various arms of the Democratic Party came to light last week. The party's Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's (DCCC) systems were breached, and U.S. security officials attributed ...
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States With the Most (and Least) Student Debt

A proposed set of new regulations to forgive loans for students who have been defrauded by the schools they attended received more than 10,000 comments by the August 1 deadline. ...
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9 Ways to Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping

Each year's back-to-school shopping season is the second largest holiday season for retailers. This may be well short of the November and December rush, but it is larger than many ...
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