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Credit cards

What Is the Right Age to Get a Credit Card?

More than a third of 18- to 29-year-olds (affectionately known as millennials) do not have a credit card. Whether that is due to choice or legal restrictions is arguable, but ...
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A Fifth of Americans Do Not Plan to Retire

Whether it comes from financial necessity or potential boredom, a fifth of Americans do not plan to retire. The decisions could substantially alter the landscape of the U.S. job market, ...
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piggy bank

Half of Americans Fail to Save Money

The results of a new survey show that half of Americans save money, which is supposed to be the main finding of the research. More importantly, the data show half ...
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Financial Security Hits All-Time High, While Many Still Struggle With Debt

There is some mixed news today on the state of the average American’s financial situation. Some might say this is a glass half-full versus half-empty argument. Most Americans have solid emergency ...
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credit cards

US Household Debt Nears $12 Trillion

In its fourth quarter 2014 report on household debt and credit, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said that debt rose by $117 billion in the quarter, and total ...
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Gold and Silver

A True Surprise in Global Gold Demand Trends for 2014, 2015 and Beyond

The World Gold Council (WGC) has released its annual Global Demand Trends for the year 2014, and there are frankly some real surprises here. You would probably expect that an ...
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What to Do, or Not Do, If You Win the $485 Million Lottery

Winning the lottery has been a fantasy for millions of Americans for many years. Imagine winning tens of millions of dollars overnight. Or imagine winning over $100 million -- or ...
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US Pension Assets Added 9% in 2014

While we have seen many cautious reports about public and private pension systems for retirees in America, there continues to at least be some good news on the total retirement ...
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Home security

Over a Third of Americans Don’t Know Mortgage Rate

While most Americans likely know their shoe size or age of their children, over a third do not know the interest rates of their mortgages. These people are more likely to care ...
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TurboTax Free for 60 Million Americans?

Desperate problems call for desperate measures. TurboTax, buffeted by a violently negative reaction to a large price increase for one of its most popular pieces of software, is offering the basic ...
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US Teachers State Pensions Near $500 Billion in Unfunded Liabilities

If you think you have retirement worries, even teachers who are on a state-run pension may be in the same boat, or even worse down the road. A new report card ...
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Walmart Black Friday

Is Walmart Taking Aim at Check Cashing?

For some time now Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) has been making forays into banking. The company holds a stake of about 4% in Green Dot Corp. (NYSE: GDOT), a ...
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percent sign button

Fed Interest Rate Hikes Keep Getting Pushed Out Farther and Farther

When interest rates will be raised by the Federal Reserve has been debated for quite some time. Now the argument is becoming more solid that interest rates will not be ...
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Despite Low Prices, Silver Demand Off the Charts

The prices of gold and silver have literally cratered from their highs. When most commodities get hammered, investors tend to lose interest if they own the commodity much higher. So, ...
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Goldman Sachs

Did Bill Gross Contribute to (or Write) the Goldman Sachs Top 2015 Predictions?

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) may be in the hot seat over its commodities business right now, among other issues from time to time, but the firm is still ...
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