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Boosting Your Credit Score in 5 Easy Steps

Even though mortgage rates have risen recently, they remain historically very low. A 30-year fixed rate mortgage in 1981 came with an interest rate of nearly 20%, more than four times ...
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Cold Weather Next Week a Boon for Retailers

A blast of cold weather is expected to begin marching across the country next week from the Golden Gate to Cape Cod, sending temperatures down by 10 to 20 degrees ...
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Winter neighborhood

5 Good Reasons to Shop for a Home in December

While many Americans spend the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, there are others who focus on getting a good deal on ...
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Purchasing, Credit Card, Sales Tax Concept

Americans to Add $103 Billion to Personal Debt This Holiday Season

More than 245 million Americans are planning to spend a cumulative total of $181.2 billion during the 2016 holiday season. But nearly two-thirds (64%, or over 157 million people) are ...
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Only 23 Shopping Days Until Christmas

In the torrent of data and media coverage about sales discounts, industry success (or lack thereof), Thanksgiving shopping activity, Black Friday results and Cyber Monday winners and losers, one fact ...
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Selecting Ties

Who Really Makes Household Spending Decisions?

When asked who makes the household decisions about buying clothes and groceries and holiday gifts, women overwhelmingly say that they do. Men, however think that they have an equal role ...
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digital pirate

10 States Where You Are Most (and Least) Likely to Get Hacked

For the period between 2000 and 2014, the most common U.S. consumer complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was related to identity theft. Even in 2015, when complaints ...
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How Heavy Discounts Eroded Holiday Weekend Sales

Half of American shoppers believe that the best deals of the year are available on Black Friday. How then to account for the fact that those shoppers turned out in ...
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Want a Green Apartment? Be Prepared to Pay a Lot More

The number of apartment buildings that are either certified or proposed for certification as green buildings by the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Since the ...
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Computer Password Security

Data Breaches Expose 34 Million Records to Date; Army Wants to Be Hacked

Last week the U.S. Department of Defense launched a "white hat" hacking program to test the security of its public websites. The DoD also launched a new program, called "Hack ...
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house with cash

How Much House Can You Really Afford?

When a mortgage lender tells you that you can afford to buy a $300,000 house based on the amount of your down payment and your overall financial position, you might ...
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removing snow

Putting Together a Home Emergency Supply Kit

Earthquakes, wildfire, and blizzards are just some examples of how Mother Nature can fool with you. There isn't much you can do to prevent them, but at least you can ...
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Cyber Monday

3 Tips for Shopping on Cyber Monday

Black Friday is now in the rear-view mirror and many retailers are gearing up for Cyber Monday, November 28. Some have already lifted the veil on their Cyber Monday deals ...
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snow tires

10 Things for a Winter Emergency Kit for Your Car

We've all seen the TV news shots, usually taken from a helicopter, of a miles-long line of forlorn cars and trucks stuck on a snow-clogged highway where they've been sitting ...
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Black Friday

Where the Black Friday Deals Are

A lot of ink has been spilled and a lot of pixels have been burned in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. In large part that's due to major ...
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