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If you have spent any amount of time on YouTube or Twitch, or you have kids who watch similar content, chances are you’ve heard of Gamer Supps. But what is it, who owns it, and is it worth buying from them?

Younger generations have become much more aware of company ownership, and are increasingly able and willing to switch brands if company values and the behavior of its leadership do not align with their personal beliefs. This is particularly true with companies that market directly to the younger generations and sponsor many of their favorite content creators.

Products that cater directly to gamers and gaming culture have become mainstream. This includes food, drink, and energy supplement products. Gamer Supps is among the most recognizable. If you or your family members use or are considering purchasing these kinds of products, it’s always in your best interest to do your research.

What is Gamer Supps?

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Gamer Supps is an energy drink company that creates and sells energy drink mixes, teas, protein snacks, and accessories. They rose to fame primarily through sponsoring and collaborating with popular gaming channels on YouTube. Their energy drink mixes are sugar-free, keto-friendly, and extremely colorful and eye-catching. Their main line of energy drink mixes is described as being fast-acting, long-lasting, with no crash due to having no sugar. Their marketing is directed toward gamers, geek culture, and generally popular online communities. The combination of low sugar and gamer-focused branding has made them a recognizable name in the online community.

Gamer Supps is headquartered in Brick, New Jersey. It was founded in 2017 by two gamers who wanted a healthier alternative to the sugary energy drinks that were popular among gamers and streamers like them. Their branding, marketing, and product names and designs all reflect this gamer and nerd background. Flavors like Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Energy, Grandpa’s Ashes, Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000, and Anime Girl Thigh, among many others, show their style that has become recognizable within the industry. Even their mixer cups, used to drink their energy mixes, designed with waifu versions of popular streamers, reinforce their market demographic.  

Many larger brands try to profit off younger people by appealing to their likes, using their lingo, or incorporating “meme culture” into their marketing, usually with disappointing results or embarrassing marketing campaigns. Gamer Supps isn’t afraid to be offensive and springs from the gaming culture itself, which has contributed to its success.

However, health experts have criticized supplement and energy drink companies for marketing to young, impressionable people. The lack of regulation and information about these supplements leaves consumers vulnerable to dangerous substances and addiction-forming products.

According to nutritionist Chris McMahon,

“Taking high-level stimulants puts a strain on your adrenal system as this could lead to adrenal fatigue, which can cause their bodies to produce a lot of cortisol and wreak havoc on their hormones as well.”

Who Owns Gamer Supps?

Gamer Supps is owned by Johnathan Schlatt, who is more widely known by his online handle jschlatt, and also goes by Schlatt. He is a popular YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer. Schlatt purchased Gamer Supps in 2022. His channel, @jschlattLIVE has over four million subscribers, it produces gaming, comedy, and reaction videos on a regular basis. 

Schlatt was a cybersecurity and computer science major while attending university, but dropped out in 2019 to focus on his YouTube and streaming career. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he now lives in Austin, Texas.

Schlatt started his YouTube channel in 2013, but he didn’t upload his first video until 2014 which was called “good boy eats food.” However, it wasn’t until he uploaded a short video titled “Elon r u ok?” in 2018 that his channel gained widespread notoriety and popularity. As of May 2021, Schlatt is a member of the One True King gaming and content creation organization. He now focuses primarily on streaming and gaming content instead of edited videos on his YouTube channel.

When did Jschlatt Acquire Gamer Supps?

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Internet streamer Jschlatt purchased Gamer Supps in May of 2022.

Prior to its acquisition by Schlatt, Gamer Supps was facing severe criticism and controversy over its partnerships with content creators. In 2021, it was facing allegations that it did not pay the people it was partnered with to promote its products. There were calls to boycott the company until it paid the creators.

According to one brand ambassador, IceRocker,

“Most of you guys know me for this merch line I put out which I promoted the hell out of and made a pretty damn good name for. In 2019 I did a sort of collab with GS who I was “partnered” with a [sic] the time. I was a disaster from the very start…”

Websites that followed internet culture published stories predicting that Gamer Supps would face lawsuits from their collaboration partners for lack of payment. No lawsuits were filed.

Either way, the company was struggling to maintain its brand, so in May of 2022 Schlatt announced he had acquired the company in a post on his Twitter account.

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