This Country Has 60-Cent Pizzas

Vikramaditya_Rai / iStock Editorial via Getty Images

According to Reuters, a Domino’s pizza in India costs 60 cents. This is driven by inflation. The figure is so cheap because, otherwise, people cannot afford it.
The price is for a seven-inch cheese pizza. (Inflation is causing food prices to skyrocket in these cities.)

In the United States, one pizza with one topping costs $7.99. It has been priced not primarily by inflation, but rather to compete with other pizza chains and stores owned by individuals.

The inflation rate in India, the world’s second-largest country by population, is actually pretty moderate. It has run about 4.5% over the past two months. However, for some of the components of pizza, like wheat, prices are rising much more quickly.

Domino’s is in 80 markets and serves 1 million pizzas a day. That means it operates in countries where inflation is nonexistent and others where inflation is in double digits. Its total store count is about 6,000.

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