The Starbucks capital of America is the ubiquitous coffee purveyor's home state, according to a 24/7 Tempo analysis.
As he faces a mass movement to unionized Starbucks locations, CEO Schultz will need to say more than that he is a billionaire who treats his workers so well that they do not need a union.
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A 24/7 Tempo analysis reveals that the most expensive restaurant in America is a steakhouse in New York City.
When people think about restaurant chains, they generally include famous names like McDonald's, Domino's, Subway, KFC and Chipotle. However, none of these is the fastest-growing chain in America.
In the country with the most expensive McDonald's meal, the average price of that meal is equivalent to more than $16 in U.S. dollars.
A 24/7 Tempo analysis shows that one restaurant in Austria has been open since 803.
McDonald's locations are spread the way the population is. That means that it has the most restaurants in the state where the most people live.
The analysts at Baird remain very positive on top restaurant stocks. These six are defensive in nature and may make sense for growth investors worried about the potential for a steep market sell-off...
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