Special Report

Top Selling Products From Each State

36. Oklahoma
> Largest export:
Aircraft and aircraft parts
> 2014 aircraft and aircraft parts value: $0.38 billion
> Pct. change in aircraft and aircraft parts export value (2013-2014): -35.4%
> Aircraft and aircraft parts as share of total state exports: 6.1%

Aircraft and aircraft parts accounted for slightly more than 6% of Oklahoma’s total exports, making it the state’s most valuable export. The state sent close to $385 million worth of aircraft and parts to foreign shores in 2014, down from nearly $600 million in 2013. Canada receives the largest share of the state’s total exports.

37. Oregon
> Largest export:
> 2014 processors value: $4.65 billion
> Pct. change in processors export value (2013-2014): 21.5%
> Processors as share of total state exports: 22.2%

Oregon’s semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing industry employs roughly 2% of the state’s workforce, more than any other industry. The industry is also the source of the state’s largest export, computer processors. Last year, $4.7 billion worth was shipped overseas from the state, accounting for 22.2% of all of Oregon’s exports. Malaysia imported nearly $2.5 billion worth of processors and other computer components from Oregon, more than China, the state’s next largest trade partner for these products.

38. Pennsylvania
> Largest export:
> 2014 coal value: $1.58 billion
> Pct. change in coal export value (2013-2014): -21.0%
> Coal as share of total state exports: 3.9%

Between natural gas from hydraulic fracturing and coal mining, energy resources contributed nearly 7% to Pennsylvania’s exports. Pennsylvania exported nearly $1.6 billion worth of coal alone in 2014, the state’s largest exports. Home to the coal rich Appalachian Mountains, Pennsylvania is one of the largest coal-producing states in the country. Coal mining has been a fundamental component in Pennsylvania’s economy for more than 200 years.

39. Rhode Island
> Largest export:
Iron waste and scrap
> 2014 iron waste and scrap value: $0.29 billion
> Pct. change in iron waste and scrap export value (2013-2014): 33.5%
> Iron waste and scrap as share of total state exports: 12.1%

Shipping nearly $300 million worth of scrap metal abroad, iron waste and other scrap metal was Rhode Island’s most valuable export in 2014. The smallest state in the country geographically, Rhode Island does not have the abundance of resources that many other states do. Iron waste and scrap metal most commonly comes from recycled vehicles, appliances, steel containers, and construction materials.

40. South Carolina
> Largest export:
Cars and passenger vehicles
> 2014 cars and passenger vehicles value: $9.11 billion
> Pct. change in cars and passenger vehicles export value (2013-2014): 20.9%
> Cars and passenger vehicles as share of total state exports: 30.7%

Cars and passenger vehicles are far and away South Carolina’s largest export, valued at more than $9 billion and accounting for 30.7% of all of the state’s exports in 2014. Germany, the largest national importer of transportation equipment from South Carolina, imported $3.3 billion worth of vehicles and parts from the state in 2014. China, however, imported 14.2% of all goods exported from South Carolina, the largest share.