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10 Teams With the Longest Championship Droughts

7. Milwaukee Bucks
> Sport:
> Last year won: 1971
> Total championships: 1

The first time the Milwaukee Bucks made it to the NBA Finals, they swept the series against the Baltimore Bullets. The team’s best player at the time was basketball hall-of-famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That was over 40 years ago, however, and since then, the team has made it to the finals only once. Last year, the team lost to the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs after a season of 41 wins and 41 losses. In the year before that, the team only won 15 games and lost 67.

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6. Kansas City Chiefs
> Sport:
> Last year won: 1969
> Total championships: 1

The Kansas City Chiefs played in the first Super Bowl ever in 1966 against the Green Bay Packers, losing by a wide margin, 35-10. The team went on to make it back to the Super Bowl three years later, this time defeating the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. However, the team has not returned to the Super Bowl once in the 45 years since its 1969 victory.

The Chiefs had their best season in recent memory in 2013. Under the leadership of quarterback Alex Smith and head coach Andy Reid, the Chiefs went undefeated for nine straight games, the only team in the NFL to do so that season. That year, they lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card round by one point. With the same head coach and the same quarterback, the Chiefs are 1-5 this season.

5. New York Jets
> Sport:
> Last year won: 1968
> Total championships: 1

The New York Jets became the second NFL team to win a Super Bowl in 1968, after the Vince Lombardi-led Green Bay Packers won the first two. In Super Bowl III, quarterback Joe Namath famously guaranteed a victory. His confidence was not unfounded, as the Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7. In the following 45 seasons, however, the Jets would never play in another Super Bowl and would miss the playoffs 33 times.

The Jets showed some promise in 2009 and 2010, when the team made it to back-to-back conference championships, but was eliminated in each case. After missing the playoffs for four straight years from 2011 through 2014, the team fired controversial coach Rex Ryan. Some Jets fans are daring to think 2015 might be the year, as the Jets have started the season 4-1, and Darrelle Revis and the rest of the team’s impressive-looking defense have allowed a league-low 13.8 points per game.

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4. Toronto Maple Leafs
> Sport:
> Last year won: 1967
> Total championships: 13

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the NHL’s most storied franchises. And for a time, they were one of the winningest. In fact, the Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups in their history, second only to the Montreal Canadiens. The Maple Leafs were dominant for several stretches, winning six cups during a 10-year stretch beginning in 1942, and another four between 1961 and 1967. Since that most recent cup win in 1967, the Maple Leafs have made the NHL playoffs far more often than not. However, that changed in the mid-2000s.

Following the lockout during the 2004-2005 NHL season, Toronto has only made the postseason once. After another disappointing year, the Maple Leafs were busy this offseason, and have entered a rebuild phase. The team hired renowned Detroit head coach Mike Babcock and traded away Phil Kessel, arguably the team’s best player. In ESPN’s ranking of franchises, which considers return on investment, prices, and the success of the team, the Maple Leafs rank dead last out of the 122 sports teams considered.