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10 Teams With the Longest Championship Droughts

3. Cleveland Indians
> Sport:
> Last year won: 1948
> Total championships: 2

In September, Cleveland shortstop Francisco Lindor was named the American League Rookie of the Month. Lindor was the first recipient of the honor on the Indians team since 2008. Finishing with an 81-80 record, the Indians had a winning season in 2015 by the narrowest of margins.

Though they have won the World Series twice, the most recent championship victory for the Cleveland Indians happened well over half a century ago in 1948. Since then, the team has made it to the Series three times, most recently in 1997, when it lost in game seven to the Marlins. Only two other teams in professional sports have gone longer since their last championship victory.

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2. Ottawa Senators
> Sport:
> Last year won: 1927
> Total championships: 4

The Ottawa Senators were one of the most successful teams in the early days of the Stanley Cup playoffs, winning the Cup in 1920, 1921, 1923, and 1927. Despite its early success, the team became financially insolvent, and hockey fans in the Canadian capital were forced to part with the team. The team moved to St. Louis in 1934 and became the Eagles, but it ceased operations after one season.

Ottawa did not have an NHL hockey team for nearly six decades. In 1992, hockey returned to the city in the form of the New Ottawa Senators. Whether this version of the team will bring the Cup back to Ottawa remains to be seen. The Senators have made the playoffs in 15 of the past 18 seasons, including one Stanley Cup appearance in 2007, in which they lost to the Anaheim Ducks.

1. Chicago Cubs
> Sport:
> Last year won: 1908
> Total championships: 2

No team in professional sports has gone longer since a championship victory than the Chicago Cubs. The last time the Cubs won the World Series was over a century ago in 1908. Chicago’s other Major League Baseball team, the White Sox, won its third World Series in 2005.

Many Cubs fans and commentators offer a supernatural explanation for the team’s championship drought. The commonly held belief is that the team was cursed after a man and his pet goat were forced to leave Wrigley Field during a 1945 World Series game. The Cubs lost that series and have not made another World Series appearance since. Cursed or not, things may be finally turning around for the franchise. Coming off an NLDS playoff victory against the Cardinals, the Cubs are currently in the midst of a series against the New York Mets that will determine who goes to the World Series.