Special Report

Jobs With the Best (and Worst) Job Security

5. Packers and packagers
> Unemployment rate:
> Labor force: 584,000
> Industry: Transportation and material moving
> Median annual wage: $20,330

Few jobs in the country have a higher share of unemployed workers than packers and packagers. Packers and packagers can have a range of responsibilities, including loading materials into packaging equipment, measuring and weighing materials, cleaning containers, and record keeping. Of the more than half a million workers in the field, nearly 14% are currently out of a job, a higher unemployment rate than in all but a handful of other occupations in the United States.

4. Roofers
> Unemployment rate:
> Labor force: 259,000
> Industry: Construction and extraction
> Median annual wage: $35,760

Unemployment rates among all construction and extraction workers are relatively high. Roughly 8.4% of all industry workers are out of a job, the third highest unemployment rate among all industries in the country. Roofers are even more likely to be out of work as the unemployment rate in this specialized field is nearly 15%. As is the case for many occupations with a high unemployment rate, there are no formal educational requirements for roofers as the the craft is typically learned on the job.

3. Telemarketers
> Unemployment rate:
> Labor force: 77,000
> Industry: Sales
> Median annual wage: $22,740

As is true for a number of professions with high unemployment, the extremely high 22.1% unemployment rate for telemarketers may be largely due to a high turnover rate. The success rate of direct marketing calls is particularly low, at fewer than one in 10 by some estimates. Telemarketers work for relatively low pay and it is not uncommon for workers to be hung up on if not verbally abused. The changing industry may also help explain the high unemployment rate in the field. As telemarketing once replaced direct mail, email marketing is quickly replacing the need for direct calls.

2. Construction helpers
> Unemployment rate:
> Labor force: 67,000
> Industry: Construction and extraction
> Median annual wage: $27,540

Poor job security and low wages frequently go hand in hand. With an unemployment rate of 22.3% and a median annual wage of just $27,540, construction helpers are one such example. According to data from the Commerce Department, building permits for one-family homes have risen steadily over the past five years. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, however, building permits fell in December and construction companies are turning cautious on fears of economic downturn.

1. Actors
> Unemployment rate:
> Labor force: 66,000
> Industry: Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media
> Median annual wage: N/A

Nearly three-quarters of Americans 12 years of age and over consume movies and TV for home viewing on a regular basis, according to a recent study from consumer trend organization Nielsen. The BLS projects the number of acting jobs to grow by 10% through 2024, slightly faster than the national average pace. Despite the need of producing fresh median, the job is the least secure in the country. Yet, the job is the least secure in the country. A whopping 26.1% of actors are unemployed, the highest in the nation.