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Best Chocolate Shop in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Erika T. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: La Châtelaine Chocolat Co.
> Location: Bozeman
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.5

Wlady and Shannon Hughes Grochowski operate two shops in Bozeman, producing a wide range of colorfully decorated chocolates in assorted shapes. Dark chocolate with black and pink peppercorns, white chocolate with nutmeg and rum, and milk chocolate with vodka, coconut, and Chambord liqueur are among the flavors.

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Source: Courtesy of Eric A. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Chocolaterie Stam – Omaha
> Location: Papillion
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.8

With ten stores in six states, plus five more in Holland, this Dutch chocolate company, founded in 1913, produces chocolate bars and medallions, about three dozen kinds of bonbons, and baking chocolate and chocolate drops.

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Source: f11photo / Getty Images

> Chocolate shop: Sugar Love Chocolates
> Location: Reno
> Avg. Yelp review: 5.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.7

Chocolatier Krysta Bea Jackson’s shop features truffles and bonbons flavored with coconut, limoncello, Peruvian golden berries (ground cherries), vanilla with glaced figs, and 10-year-old Laphroaig single malt scotch, among other things. Yelpers describe the chocolates as “incredible” and “the best chocolates I’ve tasted in years.”

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Source: Courtesy of Jean C. via Yelp

New Hampshire
> Chocolate shop: Dancing Lion Chocolate
> Location: Manchester
> Avg. Yelp review: 5.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.8

Former physicist Richard Tango-Lowy studied chocolate making in France, Italy, and Canada, and opened Dancing Lion in 2007. He makes artistically decorated bars (one is called the Picasso Bar) and packages his bonbons in handmade boxes from Nepal, describing his chocolates as “limited edition works of art.” Each one is made in quantities of between 20 and 200, and Tango-Lowy says he has never repeated a recipe.

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Source: Courtesy of Carlos D. via Yelp

New Jersey
> Chocolate shop: Al Richards Chocolates
> Location: Bayonne
> Avg. Yelp review: 5.0
> Avg. Google review: 4.6

Brothers Richard and Fred Stancampiano, who had formerly run an ice cream parlor in Jersey City, opened Al Richards in 1978. Yelpers like their chocolate salted caramels, classic truffles, and array of chocolate-covered fruits.

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