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Best Chocolate Shop in Every State

Colman Andrews

Source: Courtesy of Jenn H. via Yelp

New Mexico
> Chocolate shop: ChocolateDude
> Location: Albuquerque
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.6

This chocolate and coffee shop (their website promises “Portland style espresso”) produces an impressive lineup of truffles, bonbons, bars, toffees, fudges, caramel apples, and more, using premium American-made chocolate from Guittard in San Francisco.

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Source: Courtesy of Anna M. via Yelp

New York
> Chocolate shop: ROYCE’ Bleecker
> Location: New York
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.6

This Greenwich Village location of the massive ROYCE’ chocolate company, founded in Hokkaido in 1983, is one of the company’s 16 U.S. boutiques (half of them within branches of the Japanese Mitsuwa Marketplace supermarket chain). Bars, truffles, pralines, chocolate-frosted cookies, and chocolate-covered potato chips are among the offerings, and a specialty is green tea chocolate — white chocolate infused with matcha powder.

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Source: Courtesy of Bruce K. via Yelp

North Carolina
> Chocolate shop: The Secret Chocolatier
> Location: Charlotte
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.8

The Dietz and Ciordia families opened their store in 2011, having first sold their wares at regional farmers markets and local retail shops. Barks are something of a specialty, including such unusual variations as blueberry chili chocolate, roasted pecan cherry chocolate with sea salt, and white chocolate cardamom.

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Source: Courtesy of Alma C. via Yelp

North Dakota
> Chocolate shop: Carol Widman’s Candy Co.
> Location: Fargo
> Avg. Yelp review: 3.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.9

This fourth-generation candy company got its start in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1885, with subsequent openings in Crookston, Minnesota; Grand Forks, North Dakota; and finally Fargo, in 1990 (all but the Dubuque store are still in business). Caramels, truffles, turtles, chocolate roses, and other items are available, and a signature product is the company’s “Chippers” — Red River Valley potato chips covered with milk, dark, or white almond chocolate.

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Source: Courtesy of Chris G. via Yelp

> Chocolate shop: Maverick Chocolate Co.
> Location: Cincinnati
> Avg. Yelp review: 4.5
> Avg. Google review: 4.8

This family-owned bean-to-bar chocolatier, launched in 2013, sells its wares in retail stores across the country, as well as in its own factory store in Cincinnati, where customers can watch (and smell) chocolate being made. Using ethically produced cacao beans, Maverick makes an array of bars, from single-origin dark chocolate varieties to gingerbread or lemon lavender white chocolate.

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