The Best Statistic About Each State

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Source: lucafabbian / Getty Images

New Mexico: 0

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are zero hate groups in New Mexico. Neighbors Arizona, Colorado, and Texas have 20, 22, and 73, respectively.

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New York: 28.2%

Public transportation is an energy-efficient means of commuting that also reduces congestion from cars, and New York commuters are the most likely to use it. 28.2% NY state residents commute using public transit. The next largest share is New Jersey at 11.5%.

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North Carolina: 92.3%

Seniors can struggle to get by without a set income, but 92.3% of those 65 and older in North Carolina get Social Security, one of the highest rates in the country.

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North Dakota: 13.7%

North Dakotans face the least traffic congestion of commuters in any state, with just 13.7% commuting for 30 minutes or more alone, compared to 35% of all American commuters.

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Ohio: 55.3%

Most Ohio seniors — 55.3% — have at least some retirement income. This is one of the highest shares of any state. Most Americans 65 and over have no retirement income.