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27 Things You Don’t Know About Voodoo

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11. Followers believe in two worlds

Voodoo practitioners believe that basically there are two worlds – visible, where people live, and invisible, where the spirits reside. The spirits are of deceased people and always remain with us in some form. The two worlds are intertwined with death serving as the transition from one to the other.

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12. There are three main types of Voodoo

There are three main types of Voodoo and they come from the regions where the religion is practiced most often — Haitian vodou, Louisiana Voodoo, and West African vodun. Haitian Voodoo has been influenced by Christianity and French imperialism. West African Voodoo is practiced by some 30 million people and its rituals have not changed much over the centuries.

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13. The Voodoo god is Bondye, the supreme creator

Followers believe in one god Bondye. He is the supreme creator and can be equated with the Catholic God. Bondye is derived from the French Bon Dieu, which means “good God.” He is the one who controls both spiritual and human activity. He represents the human community and is the origin of all life, which thus belongs to him.

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14. Spirits are the masters, not followers

Contrary to what many people may believe about Voodoo spirits, they are not the ones who do humans’ bidding. Loa manifest as forces that impact the lives of people every day. As with Greek gods, people can only turn to the spirits who they believe are basically running the world, requesting help.

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15. These spirits are connected to nature

Voodoo is a religion honoring elements in nature. Voodoo spirits are believed to be present in nature, including in trees, rivers, and mountains. In addition to having power over human activities, they are also connected to natural phenomena, such as thunder and storms.