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The Best Place to Get a Shake in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Stephen M. W. via Yelp

16. Kansas: Old Mill Tasty Shop
> Location: Wichita

This family-run and family-friendly soda fountain with a marble counter, in business since 1932, serves highly rated milkshakes in such flavors as chocolate and strawberry but also hot fudge coffee and hot fudge caramel.

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Source: Courtesy of lisa B. via Yelp

17. Kentucky: Tolly-Ho
> Location: Lexington

Appearing on many “best milkshake” lists, Tolly-Ho, founded in 1971, is a 24-hour-a-day burger, sandwich, and breakfast place. Its shakes include the classic vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate varieties, any of which may be customized with such additions as Oreos, peanut butter, Nutella, or banana pudding.

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Source: Courtesy of Nick H. via Yelp

18. Louisiana: Creole Creamery
> Location: New Orleans and Bay St. Louis

With two locations in New Orleans and one in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, this acclaimed dessert shop will create shakes out of any of its ice creams. The menu always includes such unusual flavors as café au lait, Creole cream cheese, and red velvet, along with an immense array of ever-changing seasonal selections, including azuki bean, coffee pecan brittle, goat cheese and mission fig, pear and balsamic caramel, and Thai basil coconut.

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Source: Courtesy of Michael U. via Yelp

19. Maine: Duckfat
> Location: Portland

Duckfat fries and other duck-related dishes might be the specialty here, but this Portland hotspot takes great pride in its shakes, too, based on local Fiasco gelato. “The Original” Duckfat Milkshake involves vanilla gelato, crème anglaise, and fresh Tahitian vanilla bean. Other possibilities include blueberry and buttermilk, homemade cookies and cream, and sea-salted duck fat caramel.

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Source: Courtesy of Annika T. via Yelp

20. Maryland: Abbey Burger Bistro
> Location: Baltimore and Ocean City

Burgers and beer are the watchwords at the Abbey Burger restaurants — two in Baltimore and one in the resort town of Ocean City on the Atlantic Coast — but the shakes are a featured item, too. Classic versions are available only in chocolate, vanilla, or Berger cookie — made with the iconic Baltimore confection of that name, a cookie with a thick fudge frosting. The menu also lists five spiked shakes, including one made with the cookies themselves as well as Berger cookie ice cream, vanilla vodka, and Godiva liqueur.

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