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The Best Place to Get a Shake in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Byung Chul K. via Yelp

21. Massachusetts: Tasty Burger
> Location: Boston

Just outside Fenway Park and a longtime favorite of Red Sox fans — its burger became the team’s official one in 2014 — Tasty Burger serves just five kinds of milkshake: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, and the Green Monster, a mint chocolate chip ice cream shake named for the ballpark’s notorious high left field wall. (The same choices are also available at the restaurant’s three other Boston locations.)

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Source: Courtesy of RunAway B. via Yelp

22. Michigan: Don’s Drive-In
> Location: Traverse City

An old-fashioned drive-in, opened in 1958 and still featuring ’50s-style carhop service in the summer months, Don’s is a traditionalist in the shake department. Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and cherry are the standard flavors (Traverse City is cherry country), with the option to mix in pieces of actual fruit — strawberry, cherry, and other seasonal specials.

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Source: Courtesy of Matt E. via Yelp

23. Minnesota: Annie’s Parlour
> Location: Minneapolis

“ABSOLUTELY get the shake!” urged one Yelp reviewer. “Buy the malt and dip your fries in it,” recommended another. Some 17 versions — all malts — are available, served in a glass with a canister of the leftovers on the side. Wild blueberry, wild cherry, Butterfinger, chocolate-banana, and honey are among the choices.

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Source: Courtesy of Lauren P. via Yelp

24. Mississippi: Brent’s Drugs
> Location: Jackson

Opened as a pharmacy and soda fountain in 1946, Brent’s lost the pharmacy part in 2009 when that side of the business was sold. Shakes remain a major attraction at the old-style counter. The classics are supplemented with such creations as the Ginger Finger (Butterfingers, ginger syrup, and vanilla ice cream) and the Ray au Lait (Mississippi Cold Drip coffee, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla syrup). Add-ins include various candy bars and syrups and even hot fudge.

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Source: Courtesy of Becca H. via Yelp

25. Missouri: Ted Drewes
> Location: St. Louis

This St. Louis landmark dates its beginnings back to 1929, when Ted Drewes Sr. opened a frozen custard shop in Florida, before moving on to establish his first place in St. Louis the following year. There are now two locations in the city, both selling sundaes, floats, shakes, and malts. The specialty, however, invented by Drewes in 1959, is the “concrete” — a shake or malt so thick that it won’t fall out if the cup is turned upside down. Among the many versions are the Fox Treat (hot fudge, raspberries, and macadamia nuts), the Dutchman (chocolate, butterscotch, and pecans), and the Lemon Crumb (vanilla custard, lemon cream, and graham crackers). More than 30 add-ins and toppings are available, too.

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