Special Report

Most Americans Will Struggle to Pronounce These 50 Town Names

Source: afiler / Flickr

21. Karlsruhe, North Dakota
> Total characters: 9
> Total vowels: 3
> Population: 71

Karlsruhe is one of the smallest towns on our list, with a population of less than a hundred. (Its German namesake is thousands of times bigger.) In North Dakota, it’s pronounced “karls-ROO.”

Source: davidwilson1949 / Flickr

22. Keosauqua, Iowa
> Total characters: 9
> Total vowels: 6
> Population: 916

Keosauqua (“KEE-o-SAW-qua”) is the Native American word for “Big Bend.” The town indeed lies on the bend of the Des Moines River. The town’s website boasts that there is “virtually no crime (and literally not a traffic light in town)”!

Source: ERoss99 / Wikimedia Commons

23. Kiowa, Colorado
> Total characters: 5
> Total vowels: 3
> Population: 797

Kiowa (pronounced like “Iowa” with a K) is a small town southeast of Denver. The town is named for the Native American people who lived in the region.

Source: patrick_nouhailler / Flickr

24. Leipsic, Delaware
> Total characters: 7
> Total vowels: 3
> Population: 129

Leipsic (“LIP-sick”) is named for the German city of Leipzig (pronounced LYPE-zick). Situated on the banks of the Leipsic River, the town is known for its delicious oysters and crabs.

Source: Farragutful / Wikimedia Commons

25. Leitersburg, Maryland
> Total characters: 11
> Total vowels: 4
> Population: 520

Leitersburg is pronounced like “lighters burg.” The early settlers in the area were almost exclusively German and used German pronunciation.