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The Most Iconic Foods Every State Has Given the Rest of the US

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> Iconic food: Peach cobbler

While fruit cobblers have been popular since early American settlers baked them in Dutch ovens, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the Georgia Peach Council helped establish a National Peach Cobbler Day to celebrate this dessert made from Georgia’s juiciest crop.

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> Iconic food: Poke

Made by ancient Polynesian people for centuries before colonization, poke is a native Hawaiian dish of raw marinated fish that has gained international popularity.

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> Iconic food: Finger steaks

Although it’s served with a side of fries, Idaho’s signature dish isn’t potato based; it’s battered, deep-fried beef tenderloin. These finger steaks are worth going out of your way for, as they have yet to gain popularity outside of the Northwest.

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> Iconic food: Deep dish pizza

Invented in Chicago at Pizzeria Uno in 1943, deep dish pizza is thicker than New York style pizza, and served with the sauce on top of the cheese.

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> Iconic food: Sugar cream pie

Also known as Hoosier pie or Indiana cream pie, this sweet staple is a custard pie made from cream, eggs, and vanilla in a butter crust.

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