Special Report

Surprising Good News and Silver Linings Since the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt raised many fears and caused much uncertainty, but it has also given people many reasons for optimism. Although news about spikes in new COVID-19 cases may be somewhat discouraging, there are certainly good trends emerging from the epidemic.

24/7 Tempo reviewed dozens of media sources to find examples of positive news and silver linings in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We excluded ambivalent examples such as less crowded restaurants as they don’t benefit all and are not actually good news for owners and staff.  

As the world is tiptoeing back to life, people are finding that social distancing, online schooling, and working from home may be here to stay. While the virus has closed hundreds of businesses all over the U.S. — here are 21 industries being devastated by the coronavirus — it has helped other businesses thrive and it has shown alternatives to the old normal. 

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