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Investors may largely overlook this report, but the National Association of Credit Management’s Credit Managers’ Index improved in March.
By now it’s an accepted fact that millennials have so much student loan debt that they can’t and don’t want to borrow more. Unlike most accepted facts, this appears pretty much to...
The National Association of Credit Management has released its Credit Managers Index for February, showing that the combined totals of this index were more or less unchanged.
Fitch Ratings warns that delinquencies in subprime auto loans have hit a six-year high in the United States. Losses are also classified as elevated.
A fresh survey from showed that 52% of Americans have more emergency savings than credit card debt. This is the same percentage as it was in 2011.
Fitch said that emerging markets are now more negative than their developed market equivalents in core sectors.
The Federal Reserve on Monday released its preliminary report on consumer credit for the month of October 2015. Consumer credit rose 5.5% in October, well below the 9.9% growth posted in September,...
American Express announced Thursday morning that it has reached an agreement under which Sam’s Club stores will begin accepting Amex cards.
The monthly reports from the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) rarely get noticed at all by investors and economists, but this should be watched closer than it is currently.
Source: ThinkstockThe American consumer base is taking on more debt. While nowhere near a concern, the Federal Reserve released its July 2015 Consumer Credit report showing that credit rose by 6.7%...
While students have long been advised “neither a borrower nor a lender be,” there may be good reasons for them to consider getting a credit card these days.
Most consumers know that all credit cards are not created equal. And separating the bad from the good can be tricky.
Fee income has become more important to banks as they try to boost revenues. The average credit card in the United States carries a total of six different fees.
The Federal Reserve releases its report on consumer credit with a one-month lag, but there may finally be some good news for the economy here on this front.
American Express announced Monday morning that it is now offering a co-branded credit card with a new, U.S.-based "loyalty coalition" called Plenti.