Credit Suisse strategist Zoltan Pozsar looks ahead to what the commodities markets might look like once the Russian invasion of Ukraine ends.
A 24/7 Wall St. analysis reveals that this business lobbying group spends the most to lobby the federal government.
Are Russian ground forces really withdrawing from positions near Kyiv? And is Russia using hypersonic missiles in Ukraine?
The Moscow stock exchange reopened for a shortened session Thursday, and Russia is about to demand payment for natural gas in rubles. The United States and its NATO partners are expected to announce...
Ukrainian forces have succeeded in repelling new Russian assaults, according to overnight reports, and more sanctions against Russia are expected to be announced Thursday.
Russian forces continue to pound the southern Ukraine city of Mariupol, which has so far been able to repel the invaders.
Ukrainian officials have rejected a Russian demand that the city of Mariupol surrender, and the war continues with the prospect of a military stalemate ahead.
President Biden will speak by phone with Chinese President Xi Friday morning, emphasizing that China will be responsible for any support it gives for Russian aggression.
While Russian troop advances may have stalled, the artillery and air war continues to rain damage and death on Ukraine.
Russian and Ukraine officials revealed that the two sides have made progress during talks to end Putin's war.
U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned China on Monday of consequences should the Chinese government provide assistance to Russia in support of its invasion of Ukraine.
Russia and Ukraine negotiators are meeting Monday, as are top-level U.S. and Chinese officials.
Vladimir Putin has approved the use of some 16,000 Middle Eastern "volunteers" to fight alongside Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine.
Putin's war in Ukraine continues unabated as a first round of talks in Turkey results in no progress. Crude prices were rising and equity prices were sliding in early trading Thursday.
U.S. officials have rejected the Polish offer of transferring fighter planes to Ukraine, and Ukrainian President Zelensky has dumped his demand for NATO membership and signaled other compromises to...