After more than a year of contending with waves of criticism, Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to be unflappable.
With the political victory of the COVID-19 relief plan now completed, the Biden administration is going to work on its $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Here are four companies that could be big...
Ohio-based electric vehicle maker Workhorse is rounding up support from the state's politician to challenge the company's loss of a $6 billion contract for USPS delivery vans.
With President-elect Joe Biden's coming speech on a program to rebuild America's infrastructure, here are four large construction firms that are poised to thrive.
It remains to be seen if Donald Trump will leave office on January 20 or will be forced out first. Either way, he is almost certainly the richest man who has served as president.
Money apparently cannot buy happiness. It cannot buy a Senate seat either.
Several members of Congress have self-quarantined recently, either because they tested positive or were exposed to others who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
Members of Congress have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and quarantined since early March, and five are self-quarantined as of today.
Every 10 years, the decennial census is used to assign each state its number of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. The 2020 Census is completed, and state population figures have been...
Among the arguments for extending the benefits of the original CARES Act is that the overall economy will suffer as consumers drop into poverty and demand for goods and services suffers.
Franklin D. Roosevelt received 98% of the Electoral College votes in 1936. Ronald Reagan did almost as well in 1984.
President-elect Joe Biden is expected to name former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to be Secretary of the Treasury. It's a move widely approved by Wall Street, and here's why.
Several of the people just elected or re-elected to the U.S. Senate are past the unofficial American retirement age of 65. The oldest is currently 87.
The salary of the U.S. president has been changed only five times since George Washington took office.
With the presidential race still not called, and with the high prospects of continued gridlock in Congress, some stocks in the Dow are having some dismal post-election trading while others are...