The loss of income for many Social Security recipients represents one of the largest catastrophes for people who cannot afford shelter, food or clothing without these payments.
Only 45 people have ever become president of the United States. All were men; all but Barack Obama were white; and all but John F. Kennedy were Protestant. Most of them were lawyers or had a...
Social media has given politicians an online bullhorn to express their opinions while amassing thousands and sometimes millions of followers. However, as with famous people in other walks of life,...
The Department of Energy has canceled the proposed purchase of 3 million barrels of crude oil to add to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve because the price was too high or the sale failed to meet other...
After posting decent gains on Wednesday, the three major U.S. stock indexes were trading lower in Thursday's premarket action.
Good earnings reports from Nike and FedEx pumped some enthusiasm into Wednesday's premarket trading. Is this just a head fake or is the Santa Claus rally on its way?
The week before Christmas is a busy one, and it starts off with a double bang.
President Biden will announce Wednesday a new program to replenish the oil that has been sold from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Not everyone is going to like it.
New rules adopted by the U.S. Commerce Department have hit chipmakers and semiconductor equipment makers hard.
President Biden on Thursday pardoned people who had been convicted of federal charges of simple possession of marijuana, sending pot stocks soaring. But strong headwinds remain for the industry.
A new report on how companies account for climate risk in their financial reports reveals that the vast majority do nothing while a relative handful do a little.
Investment advisory firm Subversive Captial has filed registration documents to create two new ETFs, one to track trades of Republican members of Congress and one to track Democrats.
The German government Friday morning placed three Russian-controlled oil refineries under trusteeship, seizing control of operations from Russian oil giant Rosneft.
The White House has issued a new report on the implications of crypto assets on U.S. climate change goals. Here are the highlights.
Maryland is one of five states in which voters will have a chance to decide in November whether or not to legalize marijuana.