Vladimir Putin has approved the use of some 16,000 Middle Eastern "volunteers" to fight alongside Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine.
Putin's war in Ukraine continues unabated as a first round of talks in Turkey results in no progress. Crude prices were rising and equity prices were sliding in early trading Thursday.
U.S. officials have rejected the Polish offer of transferring fighter planes to Ukraine, and Ukrainian President Zelensky has dumped his demand for NATO membership and signaled other compromises to...
Here are five stories seen early Tuesday morning related to the war in Ukraine.
Crude oil prices have spiked, pump prices at U.S. gas stations are at 14-year highs and Ukraine continues to resist the Russian invaders. How long can the conflict go on?
The attack on a Ukrainian nuclear power plant ended with Russian forces taking control of the plant but no radiation leaks, while Ukraine is gearing up to sell NFTs in an effort to raise more funds...
The invasion of Ukraine begins its second week with conflicting reports on numbers of casualties, plus a look at where Russian oligarchs' yachts are stashed.
More U.S. companies are taking steps to isolate Russia following the country's invasion of Ukraine.
Reports indicate that the Russian convoy aimed at Kyiv is stalled and that Russia has temporarily banned foreign companies from withdrawing their investments in the country.
Here's a wrap-up of recent news from Ukraine.
Equity prices have won back some of their early losses and the Nasdaq Composite has even made it back into the green.
24/7 Wall St. screened the Goldman Sachs energy research database looking for dividend-paying companies that could benefit should the situation in Eastern Europe take a negative turn. These five...
A recent analysis reveals the six states where it is hardest to vote due to restrictions on absentee and early voting.
A recent analysis reveals where in the world the view of American leadership is recovering and where it is not.
Apple may have caused Facebook to miss revenue estimates in the third quarter, and new investigations, one by the federal government and another based on documents revealed by Frances Haugen, are...