The markets may go up and down with valuations, but the one constant that every single person on the planet cannot avoid is the need for water each and every day.
A lawsuit filed Tuesday claims that the U.S. Forest Service has allowed Nestlé to continue drawing millions of gallons of water on a permit that expired 27 years ago.
Source: courtesy of Monster BeverageMonster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ: MNST) may not sound like an old well-established company that needs to consider buying back its stock, but it already had a...
Source: ThinkstockAsking an entire state to use 25% less water may sound easy in the asking portion of an equation, but implementing such efforts and actually living up to such efforts is less than...
The launch of Keurig Kold and the pricing of the machines could end up becoming a windfall for SodaStream International.
California Governor Jerry Brown should be pleased with Starbucks, which will stop using the state as a source for its Ethos Water.
There is a reason that 24/7 Wall St. still believes that this water utility is the best in class of all U.S. water stocks today.
Source: ThinkstockFor many states, the rainy season is over, and most of the Western United States is now locked into a fourth consecutive year of drought. The imminent dry summer is particularly...
Source: ThinkstockCalifornia’s water shortage might not be new, but the efforts to deal with such shortages have taken a new turn. The Governor of California, Edmund G. Brown Jr. — Jerry Brown to...
Global demand for fresh water will outpace supply by 40% in 2030 as the world’s population increases and consumption patterns change.
Most of California has suffered from "exceptional drought" for months or longer. According to a prominent scientist, Californians can prepare for the state will run out of water in a year.
The strategist team at Merrill Lynch has released its first RIC Report for 2015, analyzing what didn't work in 2014 and what lies ahead for 2015.
Coca-Cola stock underperformed the broader indexes in 2014, and analysts generally see another lackluster year for 2015. That being said, analysts are not always right.
SodaStream saw its stock take a serious hit on Tuesday after the company's shares were halted ahead of a fairly severe earnings warning.
The drought throughout the Western United States, particularly California, may be the worst in a century.