Access to clean water is limited in many nations around the world, but even in the United States, water quality is an issue. Contamination from chemical toxins, heavy metals, and microbial pathogens...
A recent analysis reveals that Oslo has the highest price for water in the world.
While water is the source of life, no futures contract really allows for trading in and hedging of water prices. That will change in the coming months.
A fresh research report from Janney Montgomery Scott has substantially raised price targets across the universe of U.S. water utilities.
Credit Suisse believes that investing in companies that address the world’s water resource challenges may be a significant growth opportunity.
According to the EPA, 13 million households rely on water from their own wells. The agency does not regulate this source of water.
A UNESCO report released Wednesday calls for taking action to meet future demands on global water supplies by using nature-based, sustainability solutions.
2016 U.S. sales of bottled water surpassed sales of carbonated soft drinks for the first time. Per capita consumption of bottled water totaled more than 39 gallons compared with consumption more than...
What are investors supposed to make of the notion that General Electric is selling off its Water & Process Technologies business?
There are some serious business and economic policy changes coming down the pipe, and the first order will be infrastructure.
Goldman Sachs sees upside after Molson Coors Brewing takes full control over the MillerCoors operation. Merrill Lynch also likes the pending acquisition of the outstanding stake of the joint venture.
The U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Census Bureau combine their resources to measure what portion of each state is land and what is water. The water portion of nine states is less than 1%.
On Monday came news that SodaStream was releasing its new home beer system, appropriately named the Beer Bar. The company aims to help people make quality home-crafted beer using sparkling water and...
Unlike several past winters, this last one was relatively wet in California, relieving drought conditions in the northern part of the state and allowing the state to lift some of water restrictions.
Donald Trump told an audience in Fresno, Calif., Friday that "there is no drought" and that the state has "a water problem that is so insane."