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Sleepy young woman trying kill alarm clock

States Getting the Most (and Least) Sleep

More than one in three adults in America are getting less sleep than they need. While insufficient sleep is often considered normal, it can have dramatic effects on a population’s ...
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Snowstorm NYC

America’s 50 Coldest Cities

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States was -80 degrees Fahrenheit in Prospect Creek, Alaska. While temperatures near this extreme only rarely occur, millions of Americans live in ...
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Runners in city

American Cities Getting the Most Exercise

Only about one in five adults meet the federal guidelines for both aerobic and strength-focused exercise. Perhaps even more concerning, nearly one in four Americans fail to get any exercise ...
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Mother and father swinging daughter

Youngest County in Every State

Due to continually improved life expectancy, and as baby boomers reach retirement age, the median age of the U.S. population has been steadily increasing. The typical American today is 37.6 ...
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Group of four senior people sitting on wall outdoors, laughing

Oldest County in Every State

The U.S. median age has steadily increased over the past several decades. While the typical American was only 29.5 years old in 1960, the median age has risen to 37.6 ...
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Senior man fell down the stairs

States Where Seniors Are Most Likely to Die From a Fall

Many Americans entering old age can look forward to a comfortable retirement, pursuing lingering life goals, and sharing a life of experience with younger generations. However, the physical decline that ...
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Crowd of anonymous people on street in city center

The World’s 31 Mega-Cities

The share of the world’s population living in cities is steadily increasing. A majority of the world’s population has lived in an urban setting since 2007. This trend of urbanization ...
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angel statue holding roses cemetery death

Cities With the Shortest Life Expectancy in Every State

The U.S. death rate rose last year for the first time in a decade. This led to the first drop in life expectancy since 1993. The typical American in 2015 ...
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Old Age Beach

Cities With the Longest Life Expectancy in Every State

The U.S. death rate rose last year for the first time in a decade. This led to the first drop in life expectancy since 1993. The typical American in 2015 ...
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fired, layoff, laid off, unemployed

American Cities Losing the Most Jobs This Year

The U.S. economy added roughly 2.4 million workers over the past year. Over the same period, the unemployment rate fell from 5.0% to 4.9%, close to the lowest it has been ...
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Casual Catering Discussion Meeting Colleagues Concept

The Largest Private Company in Every State

Going public is often regarded as the final step in a private company's growth. While a public offering streamlines fund-raising activities and offers many other advantages, many owners prefer to ...
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Student Debt

Schools Where Graduates Have the Most Student Debt

Student debt was the only kind of household debt that increased during the Great Recession. Since then, total student debt continues to grow in the United States reaching $1.3 trillion ...
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Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House Real Estate

25 Least Affordable Housing Markets

Home prices and homeownership rates have risen in recent years, and federal regulators are poised to lift loan rules implemented over 10 years ago during the financial crisis. -- these ...
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Car Breaking Down

The Most and Least Reliable Car in Each Class

Reliability is an important consideration when purchasing a vehicle. Not only do reliable vehicles require less maintenance and therefore save time and money, but also they keep a higher resale ...
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Broken road in the woods

States With the Worst Roads

In its most recent assessment, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States a failing grade for its infrastructure. According to the group, $3.6 trillion would be needed ...
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