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The County With the Least Expensive Housing Market in Every State

Purchasing a home is widely considered one of life’s milestones. While home prices have risen faster than incomes in recent years, prospective buyers willing to relocate -- even within their state ...
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States With the Highest (and Lowest) Gas Prices

The price of gas, a necessity for most Americans, tends to be somewhat unpredictable. The common, often erratic, fluctuations are due to basic supply and demand factors, but the ...
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The Most (and Least) Dependable Car Brands

Whether it is a dead car battery discovered at the beginning of a commute to work or broken air conditioning in the middle of summer, unreliable vehicles can create unpleasant ...
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American Cities Getting the Most Exercise

Only about one in five adults meet the federal guidelines for both aerobic and strength-focused exercise. Perhaps even more concerning, nearly one in four Americans fail to get any exercise ...
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States Getting the Most (and Least) Sleep

More than one in three adults in America are getting less sleep than they need. While insufficient sleep is often considered normal, it can have dramatic effects on a population’s ...
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States With the Longest (and Shortest) Life Expectancy

America spent an estimated $9,451 per person on healthcare in 2015, by far the most of any country. However, among wealthy, industrialized nations, the U.S. has the largest share of ...
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The County With the Most Expensive Housing Market in Every State

Home prices are higher today than they were before the housing bubble. Because incomes have increased at a slower pace than housing prices, however, housing affordability has actually declined. Housing ...
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The Most Obese County in Every State

The average life expectancy of moderately obese people is about three years shorter than it is for the average American. At the extreme, severe obesity can lower life expectancy by ...
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States Spending the Most (and Least) on Gambling

Taking risks is at the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit that is often associated with the American way of life. While not exactly entrepreneurial, perhaps nowhere is risk-taking more apparent ...
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What the Stock Market Was Worth the Year You Were Born

The Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed 21,000 points for the first time ever on March 1. The milestone was achieved only 24 trading days after the Dow first reached 20,000. ...
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States With the Highest (and Lowest) Paid Doctors

There are more medical doctors in the top 1% of earners than any other profession. The average salary of family and general practitioners nationwide is $192,120. Doctors who choose to ...
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The Most Iconic Job in Every State

Whether it is a gaming supervisor in Nevada, a farm worker in California, an extraction worker in North Dakota, or a petroleum engineer in Texas, one occupation is often more ...
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States With the Highest (and Lowest) Sales Tax

Because sales tax is regressive -- disproportionately affecting poorer residents -- the decision to raise or lower the sales tax rate is often accompanied by intense debate. Still, last year, ...
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America’s 50 Coldest Cities

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States was -80 degrees Fahrenheit in Prospect Creek, Alaska. While temperatures near this extreme only rarely occur, millions of Americans live in ...
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Youngest County in Every State

Due to continually improved life expectancy, and as baby boomers reach retirement age, the median age of the U.S. population has been steadily increasing. The typical American today is 37.6 ...
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