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MCX last week announced that it is suspending its beta-testing of the CurrentC mobile app in Columbus, Ohio, on June 28 and postponing further releases of the product.
Fossil announced Tuesday morning that the company plans to introduce more than 100 new wearable products under eight different brands in time for the 2016 holiday season.
Most reports of holiday shopping behavior showed that U.S. consumers went mobile in a big way this year. The fact is, U.S. computing is going more mobile all the time.
When most consumers and investors think of Qualcomm, they probably think of mobile devices and smartphones for the Snapdragon mobile processors.
Source: courtesy of Rovio EntertainmentThe most popular—and highest revenue-generating—mobile apps have traditionally been games. That’s not true just for the U.S., but internationally as well....
App developers for Android-based and Amazon Fire-based mobile devices like smartphones and tablets now have access to an AWS-maintained stable of actual, real, mobile hardware on which to test their...
If the Apple Watch from Apple is going to be a raging success, that success looks like it will be driven by women.
Google has reported that mobile searches in many of the world's large markets have surpassed those from desktops. The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets has made that change likely for some time.
Small research firm Slice Intelligence estimates that early orders of the Apple Watch have reached nearly a million.
The delivery time for most Apple Watch models currently is listed at four to six weeks, and some models have no indicated delivery time.
In roughly three and a half years, the global percentage of video viewed on a mobile device has skyrocketed.
The combination of the larger screen and simple navigation with far more portability are the primary reasons for the strong growth of phablet use.
Credit Suisse upgraded Apple to Outperform and raised its target price on Tuesday. We also saw an increased outlook from Canaccord Genuity.
Credit card giant Visa is one of the most underfollowed yet one of the most important stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
One of the biggest considerations for the year ahead for Verizon is the current price war with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.