Demand for shipping containers is strong for the rest of this year and into the first quarter of 2021. Companies that lease these containers to shipping companies have been posted solid share price...
FedEx reported fiscal first-quarter 2021 financial results after markets closed Tuesday. The company crushed both top- and bottom-line estimates.
Several aircraft types are used to fight America's largest fires, like the ones burning in Oregon and California. The largest so far is the DC-10 Air Tanker.
Kansas City Southern stock is now close to an all-time high, but that may be due to reports of private equity buyout interest rather than that just the massive stock market recovery since March.
If the other large U.S. carriers cut their workforces in line with American Airlines, the nationwide number easily could top 100,000.
One thing that has changed in travel is that families are exploring the great outdoors again. Purchases of recreational vehicles, or RVs, as well as anything related to camping and outside...
Trucking firm YRC Worldwide reported a smaller than expected net loss Monday afternoon, but a $700 million low-interest federal loan is what's pushing the stock higher.
Low-cost carrier JetBlue posted a worse-than-expected second-quarter loss along with lower revenues. The company is seeing some improvement in bookings, but recovery remains some way off.
Southwest Airlines reported second-quarter 2020 results that were in line with estimates for a per-share loss, but that was slightly better on the top line. But the company's outlook is dimming.
United Airlines reported a second-quarter net loss of $5.79 per share and $1.48 billion in revenue, compared with consensus estimates that called for a net loss of $9.02 in EPS and $1.32 billion in...
U.S. airlines' offers to employees to take early retirement or other extended leaves are being accepted by significant proportions of employees as both the airlines and the employees try to avoid...
U.S. travelers have shunned travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the drop in air travel has been substantially greater than the decline in automobile travel.
American has been one of the great U.S. airlines for decades. Laying off 25,000 people, about the population of a small U.S. city, is a sign that it faces a set of unprecedented challenges.
American Airlines may be joining the list of companies that are furloughing employees during this coronavirus pandemic.
Delta Airlines reported second-quarter earnings Tuesday that missed already low estimates. The company's CEO expects the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to last for more than two years.