Amazon on Tuesday announced the purchase of 11 cargo planes, the first aircraft the company has ever purchased. It leases and operates a fleet of 73 planes.
While Boeing's 737 Max 8 is back in the air, many travelers are worried enough about the plane's track record that they want to avoid flying on one.
FedEx reported better than expected fiscal second-quarter results after the markets closed on Thursday. Although investors were not happy with results, analysts were fairly positive.
If the huge delivery system of UPS has been taxed, Amazon's large and complex delivery infrastructure could falter as well.
After many months of investigation and testing, the ill-fated Boeing 737 MAX will return to the skies soon. The FAA has cleared the Boeing 737 MAX to fly. So has the European Union Aviation Safety...
American Airlines has priced an underwritten offering of 38.5 million shares of common stock that could raise up to $500 million in fresh cash.
United Parcel Service released better than expected third-quarter results before the markets opened on Wednesday, but shares retreated.
Three U.S. airlines reported third-quarter results Thursday morning. As expected, losses piled up, but things could have been a lot worse.
One way that the coronavirus pandemic has made U.S. air travel a bit better is fewer overbookings. Here are the airlines to fly to avoid being bumped or to get compensated if you volunteer to stay...
Some airlines and Disney theme parks have announced thousands of layoffs. Other airlines, theme parks and hotels are likely to follow suit.
Demand for shipping containers is strong for the rest of this year and into the first quarter of 2021. Companies that lease these containers to shipping companies have been posted solid share price...
FedEx reported fiscal first-quarter 2021 financial results after markets closed Tuesday. The company crushed both top- and bottom-line estimates.
Several aircraft types are used to fight America's largest fires, like the ones burning in Oregon and California. The largest so far is the DC-10 Air Tanker.
Kansas City Southern stock is now close to an all-time high, but that may be due to reports of private equity buyout interest rather than that just the massive stock market recovery since March.
If the other large U.S. carriers cut their workforces in line with American Airlines, the nationwide number easily could top 100,000.