The Fourth of July holiday, also known as Independence Day, was established shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is one of only 11 federal holidays, a list that was just...
Car travel dropped almost everywhere in America during the COVID-19 pandemic. People stopped going to work. Schools were closed. Retail outlets were shuttered along with movie theaters and many...
With air travel making a comeback, now might be a good time to look over top-rated U.S. airline stocks.
In addition to causing almost seven million deaths worldwide (so far), shutting down countless businesses of every kind, and redefining social intercourse in ways that may turn out to be permanent,...
During the Covid-19 pandemic, American motorists have decreased their amount of driving precipitously as they worked remotely instead of commuting and stayed at home instead of going out to...
Over the Memorial Day weekend, AAA expects the number of travelers to rise sharply from last year.
Several analyst firms started coverage on Frontier Airlines Monday.
Morgan Stanley analysts boosted price targets Tuesday morning on several U.S. airlines and initiated coverage of one with an Underweight rating that already has outrun the analysts' target.
American Airlines has been the top performing major airline so far this year and it could be on track to fly even higher, at least according to one analyst.
Going into the next earnings season, U.S. airlines are on track to begin making up lost ground during the second quarter.
JetBlue Airlines filed a statement Monday that brightens the company's first-quarter outlook.
American Airlines' Monday announcement that it would use its loyalty program as collateral sent the stock up 5%. Moody's was not impressed and said so on Tuesday.
Amazon on Tuesday announced the purchase of 11 cargo planes, the first aircraft the company has ever purchased. It leases and operates a fleet of 73 planes.
While Boeing's 737 Max 8 is back in the air, many travelers are worried enough about the plane's track record that they want to avoid flying on one.
FedEx reported better than expected fiscal second-quarter results after the markets closed on Thursday. Although investors were not happy with results, analysts were fairly positive.