Five American counties have been very hard hit by COVID-19 deaths. They include counties in Nebraska and Georgia.
This sparsely populated county southwest of San Antonio recently has been hit hard by COVID-19.
Based on what appear to be problems with vaccine rollout, Utah may stay at the bottom of the list of states vaccinating their populations for some time.
Like a number of pharmacy chains, huge discount retailer Costco has joined the COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort.
Compared to the 13% vaccination rate nationwide, Alaska's figure has hit 21% for adults who have received at least one shot.
The state with the best track record for providing second doses of COVD-19 vaccines is Alaska, at almost double the national figure.
The state with the worst record for giving second doses of COVID-19 vaccines is Alabama, where many people have refused to get vaccinated at all.
Vermont has had low case and death counts since the start of the pandemic. It had no fatal cases yesterday.
Borden County, Texas, has been hit hard by COVID-19. The rate of fatal cases there is almost double the next hardest-hit county in America.
The three American college and university campuses with the most COVID-19 cases can be found in Texas.
The state that has had the most success by far in vaccinating its residents against COVID-19 is Alaska.
The CD) has stated it has become worried that people who think they will have aches, pains and fever after receiving vaccination may decide to take common over-the-counter painkillers.
The state with by far the best record on COVID-19 vaccination has a couple of advantages.
Many of the counties hit hardest by COVID-19 fatalities are in the Great Plains States.
The spread of COVID-19 across America has spared some counties completely when it comes to fatal cases.