As more COVID-19 restrictions are lifted as more Americans are getting vaccinated, companies like Live Nation could stand to benefit a lot, at least according to Jefferies.
The number of counties where no one has died of COVID-19 continues to shrink. These are the ones that are left.
As travel is beginning to return, the reopening trade is beginning to materialize and players like Airbnb could benefit heavily from this.
New research shows that COVID-19 sometimes does not run its course in two weeks or even a month. The effects of the disease can last for many months.
No state is having a more difficult time with the battle between COVID-19 variants and vaccination rates than Michigan.
Pfizer's CEO says that people likely will need a third dose within 12 months of being vaccinated.
New analysis shows that five states, led by New Jersey and Michigan, represent 75% of new COVID-19 cases.
The U.S. county with the most COVID-19 deaths has more than twice as many as the county with the second-highest count.
Research shows that it is a myth that children are safe from the effects of COVID-19.
For people who are extremely cautious about COVID-19, there is every reason to wonder whether it is safe for airlines to fill middle seats with passengers.
Michigan is the state with the highest percentage of inpatients (suspected or confirmed) with COVID-19. This is not unexpected.
Texas is the state with the most hospitals facing critical staffing shortages. California is not far behind.
Many teachers say they do not want to go back to classrooms because of the danger of COVID-19 infection.
Experts are constantly on the lookout for ways COVID-19 can be spread and how people can be protected.
This county in Nebraska is currently the deadliest in America, based on a 14-day average death rate per 100,000 people.