A post-pandemic increase in demand has pushed the acceptance rate at many of these colleges to historic low levels.
America’s oldest university is also the nation’s wealthiest, and it boasts over 150 Nobel laureates and eight U.S. presidents among its former staff and alumni.
No school in America is more liberal than American University, the latest research shows.
The three American college and university campuses with the most COVID-19 cases can be found in Texas.
This is the best college in America, based on acceptance rate, debt at graduation and average earnings of students 10 years later.
Voluntary gifts to U.S. colleges and universities dipped by less than 1% in 2020, even as the pandemic raged across the country.
The college major that pays of the most is "health and medical preparatory programs," sometimes known as "pre-med."
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to sharp increases in the share prices of three S&P 500 education and training companies with market caps of more than $10 billion. What does 2021 look like for these...
The hardest law school in America to get into is Yale, which is slightly tougher than Harvard or Stanford.
Harvard University's endowment value of nearly $42 billion apparently is not enough to make certain all Harvard's employees stay in place.
At the bottom of the latest Wall Street Journal list of America's best colleges is Youngstown State University. See how it compares with Harvard, which tops the list.
Health care officials have said that masks and social distancing are the keys to arresting the spread of COVID-19. Yet, schools in some rural areas will open without insisting on these safety...
Some children actually learn primarily from their parents, perhaps with the aid of tutors. They do not interact with traditional schools at all. In Alaska, this number is particularly high.
Total U.S. student loan debt is more than five times higher than it was in 2013 and the average loan per borrower has nearly tripled. Who are these borrowers and will they repay?
Residents of every state have at least one aspect of their home they can brag about, but also one they would probably rather forget. Minnesota state residents may gloat about the state’s extremely...