Unemployment Above 10% In Some California Cities

When the Bureau of Labor Statistics "Civilian labor force and unemployment by state and metropolitan area" for December comes out later this month, it will show that, while the national ...
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Lifting Weights

American Cities Getting the Most Exercise

Working out and remaining active are important components of a healthy lifestyle. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise can help control weight, fight certain diseases and conditions, promote better ...
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Flint’s Troubled Demographics By The Numbers

Flint's water pollution problems have put the city at the center of the nation's attention. The primary cause corroding pipes and water with high lead content. The source--the Flint River. ...
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Sports Fans

Sports Teams Gaining the Most Fans

The success of a sports franchise is largely dependent on its ability to attract fans to games and sell tickets. The departure of the Rams from St. Louis after years ...
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Losing sports fan

Sports Teams Running Out of Fans

This week, the Rams franchise of the National Football League (NFL) announced it would end more than two decades in St. Louis and return to its former home in Los ...
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Boston skyline

GE Moves to Boston in Mini Tax Inversion

General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) has been unhappy with the state of Connecticut since last July when the state legislature raised corporate taxes to help the government meet a $40 ...
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Old Truck

Poorest County in Each State

In every state, there are rich and there are poor counties. The poorest county in each state can be much poorer than the state's median household income, or the difference ...
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Old Age Beach

Cities With the Longest Life Expectancy in Every State

Life expectancy has increased rapidly in modern times and, as health care and technology continue to evolve, lives could get longer still. Babies born in the United States today ...
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Mother and Daughter

The Safest Cities in America

More than 1.1 million violent crimes were reported in the United States in 2014, or 366 incidents per 100,000 Americans. Compared with 2013, the U.S. violent crime rate fell by ...
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Downtown Los Angeles

The 10 American Cities With the Most Polluted Air

Air pollution is a problem in places like China, Singapore and Mexico. U.S. government efforts have caused a sharp drop in air pollution in large American cities over the past ...
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Can Detroit Afford to Lose 7,000 People per Year?

By several measures, particularly the U.S. Census Bureau, Detroit lost between 7,000 and 8,000 people per year between 2000 and 2014. As the city has turned its street lights back ...
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The Most Educated City in Every State

A little more than 30% of American adults are college educated, a slight increase from a year ago when 29.6% of adults had at least a bachelor’s degree. Education ...
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America’s Richest and Poorest Cities

U.S. median household income increased in 2014 to $53,657, an increase of roughly $600 from the previous year. Still, U.S. incomes have yet to recover to pre-recession levels. Adjusting for ...
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Why Milwaukee Is the Worst City for Black Americans

According to an analysis by 24/7 Wall St., Milwaukee is the worst city for black Americans. Among other things, the unemployment rate among black Americans in the city is 17.2%, ...
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Why Does Midland Texas Have the Fastest Growing Economy in the US?

Midland’s economy grew by 24.1% last year, more than twice the rate of San Angelo, Texas, the metro area with the next largest economic growth. The exceptional gross domestic product ...
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