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Detroit Still Offers $1,000 Homes

As the City of Detroit bulldozes thousands of homes, it has maintained a small, and largely unsuccessful program that allows people to buy homes for as little as $1,000. The low-priced home ...
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Pittsburgh Is Best City for New College Grads

A new study claims that of the top 10 cities for new college graduates not a single one is in the tech hot areas on the West Coast. All are east ...
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Poorest Town in Every State

Incomes in the United States are far from uniform. A typical household in Scarsdale, New York earns nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year, or more than 13 ...
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Towns With Unemployment Rates Above 40%

While the poverty rate in the U.S. is 15.6%, in some towns it is nearly three times that. 24/7 Wall St. found there are 20 such places.  As a matter ...
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The Drunkest (and Driest) Cities in America

Alcohol poisoning and alcohol-related liver diseases are major contributors to the recently identified spike in mortality among middle aged, white Americans. Alcohol is the fourth leading cause of preventable death ...
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Detroit Mansion Hits Market for $799,000

Detroit is not a market full of expensive homes, so it unusual when one is for sale in the high seven figures hits the listings. The house at 17731 Hamilton Rd. ...
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St. Louis, Missouri

Dome House In St. Louis For $398,000

Owners of odd houses frequently can't find buyers. A home, made in a dome, which sits in St. Louis, built in 1977, has been off and on the market since ...
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11 Cities Hit Hardest by Extreme Poverty

Although the economy has largely recovered from the worst effects of the recession, many more Americans live in poverty today than did during the crisis. Perhaps of greater concern is ...
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Buy a House in Detroit for $1,000

The Detroit Land Authority continues to auction $1,000 houses, as the city has an estimated 40,000 houses that need to be torn down. The results of the program have been depressing. ...
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Coit Tower

New York and San Francisco Rents Near $5,000

It costs a small fortune to rent an apartment in San Francisco or New York, at least for middle-class families. According to the National Rent Report for April from Apartment List, ...
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9 American Cities Losing the Most People

The U.S. Census Bureau released its analysis of population change among the country's 371 metropolitan areas. The period of the analysis covered July 1, 2014, to July 1, 2015. While some ...
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Amidst All Its Splendor, Atlantic City May Go Under

According to Atlantic City's description of itself, it is one of the best places in the world to visit or live. On the other hand, Mayor Don Guardian says it won't ...
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Los Angeles Is Worst US City for Traffic

Research firm INRIX has put out its 2015 Traffic Scorecard, which measures commute times for cities around the world, in particular in Europe and America. The worst city in the United ...
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Does New York City Have the Highest Quality Water in America?

Does America's largest city have the highest quality water among large metros in the United States? The city seems to think so, and there is a body of data that makes ...
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5 American Cities With the Highest Unemployment

The unemployment rate in the United States was 5.4% last year and 4.8% in December. Five cities had unemployment rates much higher than that in December, each well above 11%. Of ...
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