JPMorgan Boosts Investment in Detroit to $150 Million

JPMorgan had planned to invest $100 million in the troubled city of Detroit. It has spent that entire investment, meant to aid a turnaround of the city. The big bank ...
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The 10 Cities Where Tech Salaries Stretch Furthest

Jobs in high technology generally pay very well. A recent story at Bloomberg News noted that of the 25 top-paying U.S. jobs, 11 were in the tech industry. The U.S. ...
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Over Half of US Counties Had No Murders

Fifty-four percent of the counties in the United States had no murders committed in them in 2014, the most recent year for which the data are available. Just 2% of counties ...
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Downtown Los Angeles

Most and Least Polluted Big American Cities

A great deal has been made of the filth in cities in places like China and India. However, there are large cities in America that are very polluted, and several ...
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Latin American teen

Los Angeles, With 1.7 Mexican Immigrants, Faces Major Labor Shortage

Los Angeles, with 1.735 million Mexican immigrants, which is 13.3% of its total population, faces major changes if the Trump Administration implements some of its plans to build a wall between ...
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Downtown Nashville

Nashville Leads List of Windiest American Cities

For those who think Chicago deserves the title of the "Windiest City in America," think again. Based on new research, Nashville holds that title. Chicago is not even in the ...
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24/7 Wall St. Launches City Stat Sites for 20 Major Cities

24/7 Wall St. has launched city statistics sites for 20 major cities. These sites will give residents in each of these cities information about its metro demographics, municipal financials and ...
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Abandoned row houses

Will Detroit’s Population Stop Shrinking?

For all the excitement about the rebuilding of Detroit and the money that has been put into its downtown by developers and large companies, the most pressing question for the ...
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Abandoned row houses

Why Detroit Real Estate Recovery Is Illusion

Detroit's real estate market has begun a recovery. According to S&P Case Shiller, Detroit home prices rose 6.4% between October 2015 and October 2016. However, a close look at the ...
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10 US Cities With the Shortest Life Expectancies

An average American could expect to live 78.8 years in 2015, a slight drop from 78.9 in 2014. The U.S. ranked 42nd in the world in 2014, a full five ...
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Crime, criminal danger

Is Carjacking America’s Most Dangerous Urban Problem?

Urban crime problems have not grown in most big cities, except for murder rates in Chicago and some other crime trends that vary city to city. Milwaukee is America's fifth ...
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earthquake damage

Major San Francisco Earthquake Could Cause 6,000 Deaths, $8 Billion in Damage

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) recently published a paper about the chance of an earthquake that would include the Hayward and Rodgers Creek faults simultaneously. Earlier studies suggest the results could ...
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downtown Detroit

The Shaky Financial Health of Detroit Residents

Nearly two-thirds of Detroit's residents have subprime credit. Less than half have at least one healthy line of credit. More than two-thirds have delinquent debt and a shade under two-thirds ...
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for sale

Battered Detroit Becomes a Hot Real Estate Market

Detroit has lost half its population since 1960 and has fewer than 700,000 residents. It is home to thousands of dilapidated houses that will be torn down. It has a program ...
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Charlotte sunset

Charlotte by the Numbers: Demographic and Economic

Charlotte, North Carolina, where Keith Scott was fatally shot by a police officer, leading to violent protests, had a population of 762,199 according to the last Census. It has a high ...
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