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As McDonald’s tries to fight perceptions that its food has become too expensive, its franchisees object to the $5 value meal plan.
McDonald’s management finds itself caught between increasing operating costs and consumers who are unhappy about rising prices.
Because Red Lobster had expenses, leases, and debts it could not afford, the seafood restaurant chain will file for bankruptcy and close stores.
McDonald’s reportedly plans to have 10,000 stores in China by the end of 2028. Here is a peek at the why and how of this strategy.
After a rise in the minimum hourly wage in California, Chick-fil-A has raised prices on some of its meals there by over 10%.
If unions succeed at organizing Starbucks workers, the costs of hourly wages could soar, cutting into the bottom line.
A recent analysis shows that McDonald’s has raised prices of some of its most popular menu items at a rate substantially outpacing inflation.
Car detailers are professionals who service vehicles to help improve their appearance. This might involve washing, polishing, and waxing the external parts of the car, as well as cleaning the tires,...
A valet is a person who is employed by a facility, such as a hotel or restaurant, to park and retrieve customers’ vehicles for them. You’ve likely gone out to a fine establishment only to...
Tipping culture has gotten out of control, to be sure. There’s nothing wrong with tossing some extra money to signal outstanding service now and again, but recently, it seems like we are all...
A union that represents Starbucks workers has failed to get the three seats on the company's board of directors it has vied for.
Starbucks stock has fallen for two weeks because investors are anxious about slowing sales and other issues.
McDonald’s is about to launch a new kind of small and beverage-driven restaurant, and here is why Starbucks should be worried.
What exactly are McDonald's long-term plans in China? Will doubling its store count there supersize the company’s financial results?