Special Report

The Most Iconic Product in Each State

26. Montana
> Most iconic product:
Precious metals

Gold and precious metal mining is an integral part of Montana’s history and culture. Along with California, Montana was a popular target among gold prospectors during the gold rush in the mid 19th century. Montana is also nicknamed the Treasure State because of the importance of mining. The industry is no longer dominated by gold extraction, but copper, another precious metal, is one of Montana’s top exports.

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27. Nebraska
> Most iconic product:

Beef is Nebraska’s most iconic product with cattle outnumbering people by about 4.5 million. Beef is also the state’s principal export, with more than a billion dollars worth of beef shipped abroad in 2014. Omaha Steaks, a multimillion dollar manufacturer and distributor of beef products, is headquartered in — and named after — the state’s largest city. Hides are Nebraska’s second biggest export, accounting for nearly 8% of the state’s total export value.

28. Nevada
> Most iconic product:

Nevada is home to Las Vegas, one of the most popular destinations for tourists seeking entertainment — be it the rodeo, luxurious hotel stays, or gambling. As of the end of September, 31.9 million people had visited Las Vegas in 2015, up 2.4% from the same period in 2014. Over that same period, gaming revenue totalled $7.2 billion in Clark County, and $4.7 billion in the Las Vegas Strip — each figure was roughly in line with revenue figures from the year before.

29. New Hampshire
> Most iconic product:

Much of the bedrock beneath New Hampshire soil is granite. In the early 19th century, granite was quarried by state prisoners. Today, aided by technology, large scale quarrying operations are a lucrative business. The largest granite quarry in the state, located just outside the capital city Concord, yields about 25,000 tons of the valuable stone every year. New Hampshire has supplied the granite for many of the nation’s iconic destinations and monuments, including the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. and Quincy Market in Boston.

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30. New Jersey
> Most iconic product:
Salt water taffy

Invented in Atlantic City in the late 19th century, salt water taffy is now a summertime staple along coastal New Jersey. Several candy makers in Atlantic City and Ocean City churn out thousands of pounds of the chewy treat daily and sell hundreds of thousands of pounds annually. Despite what the name might suggest, the candy contains very little water and sometimes no salt.