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Devil you Know, flames sin

States Profiting the Most From Sin

Smoking, drinking, gambling, and other vice-like habits are widely believed to be harmful -- not just to the individuals who drink, smoke, or gamble, but to society at large. Some ...
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51 Counties With the Highest Unemployment

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 4.7% last May, the lowest level in more than eight years and down from 5.5% the year before. The U.S. economy has been steadily ...
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Shop Door With "Gun-Free Zone" Symbol No Guns

Hardest States to Buy a Gun

Born from a violent revolution, the U.S. constitution ensures that gun ownership is a fundamental right. Today, there are more than 7.5 million gun stores in the United States, and ...
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Old Phone

45 Hottest Phones of All Time

More than two-thirds of adults in the United States today own a smartphone. As phone technology has progressed over the years, use of the devices has expanded from simple communication ...
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Stores Pokemon Trainers Visit the Most

Since its release, Nintendo’s Pokémon Go has been downloaded by Americans tens of millions of times and is set to surpass the success of other mobile games by any number ...
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7 Cities Losing Their Doctors

As the U.S. population continues to grow -- and age -- demand for health care services is expected to increase. Along with demographic changes, the number of Americans with ...
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Old Couple Hiking

17 Counties Where People Die Old

Americans are living longer than they ever have before, as life expectancy has risen in recent years to 78.5 years. While the nation's life expectancy has improved, the country gained ground much ...
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angel statue holding roses cemetery death

37 Counties Where People Die Young

Life expectancy in the United States has increased steadily over the course of the past century. Longer lifespans are perhaps the ultimate bellwether of progress as they are largely due ...
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Group Of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

Cities Where the Most (and Least) People Graduate High School

The high school graduation rate across the nation reached a record high of 82% in school year 2013-2014. While American students overall are graduating at a higher rate than ever ...
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Group of senior men, smiling and playing cards at the park

Oldest County in Every State

Life expectancy in the United States has steadily increased over the course of the last century, but most Americans do not live to be 85. Today, there are roughly 6 ...
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Doctor Discussing Medicine in His Clinic With a Patient

States With the Most Americans on Disability

More than 10 million Americans received Social Security disability benefits in 2014. These benefits -- paid to disabled workers, disabled widows and widowers, and some other disabled adults -- totaled ...
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Group of young business professionals having a meeting

America’s Best Companies to Work For

Americans work 34.4 hours per week on average, spending more time at work than employees of any other developed country in the world. Employed full-time, the average U.S. adult works ...
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lifestyle photo of a young caucasian man as he waits in a hospital examination room

Cities With the Best (and Worst) Health Insurance Coverage

When compared to European countries and other developed nations such as New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, The United States stands out as the only nation without a publicly financed universal ...
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City Skyline in Honolulu

The Most Expensive City in Each State

The average American household spends $53,495 each year on food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, and other expenses. To put that in perspective, the typical U.S. household income is $53,576. These costs ...
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stacks of money, income

American Cities With Booming (and Shrinking) Incomes

The American workforce earned 2.9% more income in 2014 than in the previous year. As the American economy continues to recover from the Great Recession, more people are able ...
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