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Group of young business professionals having a meeting

America’s Best Companies to Work For

Americans work 34.4 hours per week on average, spending more time at work than employees of any other developed country in the world. Employed full-time, the average U.S. adult works ...
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lifestyle photo of a young caucasian man as he waits in a hospital examination room

Cities With the Best (and Worst) Health Insurance Coverage

When compared to European countries and other developed nations such as New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, The United States stands out as the only nation without a publicly financed universal ...
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City Skyline in Honolulu

The Most Expensive City in Each State

The average American household spends $53,495 each year on food, clothing, shelter, entertainment, and other expenses. To put that in perspective, the typical U.S. household income is $53,576. These costs ...
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stacks of money, income

American Cities With Booming (and Shrinking) Incomes

The American workforce earned 2.9% more income in 2014 than in the previous year. As the American economy continues to recover from the Great Recession, more people are able ...
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Automatic Gun pistol

States Where Anyone Can Carry a Concealed Weapon

Each year, roughly 117,000 Americans are shot, and nearly one in every three of those shot die. Some Americans have responded to the problem of gun violence by advocating for stricter ...
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Cities Adding the Most Jobs in Every State

The improved U.S. labor market has attracted more people to the labor force -- defined as those who are employed and those actively seeking work. Because jobs have been added ...
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country highway

States Where People Drive the Most

Americans drove 3.15 trillion miles in 2015, breaking the previous record of about 3 trillion miles set in 2007. Driving is certainly a major part of life in the United ...
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Scenic Sunrise Landscape at Oconaluftee

The Most (and Least) Valuable States

A recent study estimates that the combined value of all land in the contiguous United States is worth nearly $23 trillion. The most valuable state, according to the survey, is ...
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Yosemite California

7 States Recovering From Severe Drought

California and parts of the Southwestern United States have now endured a fifth consecutive year of drought. While these areas and the country are far from being drought free, near ...
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Group of legs wearing sneakers running on treadmill

The 25 Healthiest Cities in America

At 78.5 years, life expectancy in the United States, while trailing several dozen other countries, has continuously risen in the past century. Leading this upward trajectory are the 25 healthiest ...
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Acarus waiting on the leaf, tick

12 Worst States for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a debilitating, sometimes deadly infection, transmitted to humans through bites of blacklegged ticks, commonly known as deer ticks. Lyme disease typically induces flu-like symptoms, including sore joints, ...
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Statue of Liberty

50 Most Popular National Monuments

Fireworks, barbecues, and parades are perhaps the most common Fourth of July celebrations. While perhaps more solemn, visiting some of the numerous national monuments and memorials is another perfect way ...
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American flag fluttering against cloudy sky, USA

25 Most American Cities

The electorate for the upcoming election will be the most racially diverse in U.S. history. Polling data and election coverage have shown an increasingly polarized America, and political analysts have ...
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Classic Muscle Car

50 Most American Cars

Despite the general decline of the manufacturing sector in recent decades, auto manufacturing is one of the largest industries in America. While domestic auto production has decreased by 34% in ...
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Car Dashboard driving

The Most (and Least) Expensive States to Drive

After housing, transportation is the average American's second largest yearly expense. Gasoline, insurance, and car repairs cost the average driver more than $3,000 annually. A number of factors, such as ...
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