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Hated CEO

America’s Most Hated CEOs

Two-thirds of all employees approve of their CEO, according to employee review forum Glassdoor. Not all CEOs are regarded so well, however. To identify the most hated CEOs, 24/7 Wall ...
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Group Of Women Power Walking On Urban Street

Healthiest City in Every State

The United States spends more per capita on health care than any other country, yet health outcomes lag behind many other developed nations. Not all Americans have the same ...
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Wind Turbine Technician

25 Fastest Growing Jobs

The U.S. economy is projected to add nearly 10 million jobs between 2014 and 2024. As the economy expands, shifting demographics and consumer demand will spur faster employment growth in ...
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Labor union, construction workers

14 Cities With the Strongest Unions

The once formidable power of labor unions has declined considerably in the United States. More than 20% of U.S. workers belonged to a union in 1983. Today, just over one ...
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Group Of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

Highest Paying Jobs for High School Graduates

The typical college graduate in the United States makes roughly $23,000 more a year than the typical high school graduate. While a college degree generally qualifies workers for higher-paying jobs, ...
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Graduation, graduate cap

Lowest Paying Jobs for College Grads

The benefits of having a bachelor’s degree are many and well documented. Chief among them is the opportunity for higher-paying jobs. While jobs that require training and education certainly tend ...
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ashamed businessman

50 Least Powerful People in the World

A lucky few possess great fame, wealth, and influence. Even fewer manage to hold on to these positions of power without mishap. Such great heights are often quite perilous, ...
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Woman doing eye test with optometrist

America’s Six-Figure Jobs

A typical American worker earns approximately $36,200 annually. While relatively few families, and even fewer individuals, earn over $100,000 a year, individuals employed in some professions are far more likely ...
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Modern robot dressed in a business suit

18 Jobs Being Replaced by Robots

The number of jobs in the United States is projected to grow by 7% in the next decade. Advances in technology and evolving consumer demand will certainly create at least ...
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China Flag

12 Jobs Being Lost to China

Since the beginning of the 21st century, millions of U.S. jobs have been displaced or eliminated due to cheaper foreign labor. Trade balance changes in China alone have displaced over ...
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Bunker house

Most (and Least) Expensive Housing Markets

For the first time, the median price of a home in a U.S. metro area passed the $1 million mark. A typical home in the San Jose, California area sold ...
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Smiling call center employees sitting in line, good customer service

Customer Service Hall of Fame

Every company in the United States likes to promise an exceptional customer experience. Polls show that at least some corporations do an excellent job keeping their promise -- these companies ...
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bad customer service

Customer Service Hall of Shame

Every company in the United States likes to promise an exceptional customer experience. Yet some corporations do a truly abysmal job keeping that promise -- these companies provide very poor ...
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Medical vaccine in shoulder, vaccination

States With the Highest (and Lowest) Vaccination Rates

Despite longstanding recommendations to vaccinate, preventable infectious diseases are still a major cause of disability and death in the United States. The current immunization schedule saves 33,000 lives, prevents 14 ...
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Marijuana, Joint, Bud, Pot, Nug

The Next 14 States to Legalize Marijuana

In 2013, only 7% of American adults said they were marijuana users. Today, less than three years later, usage rates have nearly doubled, as 13% of U.S. adults say they ...
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