Special Report

The Most Popular Brand in Each State

6. Colorado
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 943,870

Pepsi is one of the biggest and most searched-for brands in the country, and it is a particularly popular Google search in Colorado. This may be partly due to the fact that Denver is home to the Pepsi Center, a more than 20,000 seating capacity arena is home to the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, and is also a major concert venue.

7. Connecticut
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 16,897,490

Based on Google search interest, NBC has perhaps the best brand awareness of any company in Connecticut. NBC is a television network, but much of its content is available to stream online. The Nutmeg State is home to General Electric, which owns a 49% stake in NBC. Also, NBC’s headquarters are located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, not far from many Connecticut residents. The proximity to the company’s operations may contribute to interest among Connecticut residents.

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8. Delaware
> Brand:
> Nationwide total brand searches: 1,160,510

Cadbury is the British brand typically associated with the chocolate candy eggs sold around Easter holiday. Relative to national searches, it was the most commonly searched brand in Delaware over the 12 months preceding September. Dupont, ING, and MasterCard are also commonly searched brands in Delaware.

9. Florida
> Brand:
Bank of America
> Nationwide total brand searches: 13,600,000

While many American brands are unusually popular in Florida, including PayPal and Home Depot, no brand is more disproportionately popular in the Sunshine State than Bank of America. Over the 12 months of searches through September, 13.6 million searches were made nationwide for the bank. Bank of America is the nation’s largest bank in terms of the value of deposits.

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10. Georgia
> Brand:
Family Dollar Stores
> Nationwide total brand searches: 1,000,000

Family Dollar Stores is the most uniquely Googled brand in Georgia. Of the roughly 1 million searches of the discount store nationwide, about 57,590 originated in Georgia. In the wake of the recession, Family Dollar has grown substantially. As a discount store, it may have high brand awareness in Georgia, one of the poorest states in the nation. Family Dollar is headquartered in North Carolina, Georgia’s neighbor to the north.